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This handmade dessert is perfect for any number of occasions. Coming in numerous different flavors, they will surely have you coming back for more!

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Our Story

Baked with love every time!

Hey there! I’m thrilled to have you join me at Say Cheesecake By Sara, where I’ve been baking up delicious cheesecakes for almost 20 years. It’s been an incredible journey, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

So, here’s the scoop: I started making cheesecakes because I absolutely love them, and I wanted to spread that love. You might have seen me at local craft shows, where I’ve had the chance to meet some amazing folks like you. Those events have not only been a blast, but they’ve also given me the chance to hear your thoughts and ideas.

What makes my cheesecakes special? Well, they’re not just desserts; they’re a slice of happiness for any occasion. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, having a cozy family get-together, or just craving something sweet, my cheesecakes are here to make those moments even better.

I’m all about quality, so each cheesecake is made from scratch, using only the finest ingredients. I believe every bite should be pure bliss, and that’s why I pour my heart and soul into every dessert I create.

Thanks for being a part of my journey. As I continue baking my way through life, I can’t wait to share my cheesecake passion with you, one delicious slice at a time. Explore my mouthwatering creations, and let’s make some sweet memories together with Say Cheesecake By Sara.


Thanks so much for the beautiful cheesecake and having it precut. As always it is delicious and I’m excited to share it with more family tomorrow.

Jennifer Ruth

My mom got a mini Snickers Cheesecake for me, and it was delightful!

Izabella Vanryn

This is my go-to special treat for myself! By far the best cheesecake around!

Tiffany Fields Kraker

Yummy! Excellent cheesecake! I'll buy more the next time I want some or see her booth.

Barb Olt


Indulge in the delightful experience of our Mini Cheesecake, perfectly sized at 4 inches. Crafted for intimate gatherings, this exquisite dessert elegantly serves 2 people. Each slice is a heavenly blend of smooth, velvety texture and deep, satisfying flavor.



Experience the rich and creamy goodness of our 6-inch Cheesecake, an exquisite dessert perfect for serving up to 4 guests. Each slice is a heavenly blend of smooth, velvety texture and deep, satisfying flavor. 



Our grand 9-inch Cheesecake is a true masterpiece, designed to cater to larger gatherings with up to 8 servings. This generously sized dessert is the epitome of indulgence, with its luxuriously rich texture and depth of flavor.


Classic Flavors

White Chocolate (plain)

For the cheesecake purist, this classic vanilla cheesecake will not disappoint. Don’t let this cardinal flavor steer you away. This cheesecake is tasty on its own or a great option if you want to do any of your own topping combinations.


White chocolate cheesecake topped with caramel, a homemade chocolate glaze, and homegrown English walnuts. This is a favorite that is my #1 flavor ordered!


White chocolate cheesecake topped with caramel and chopped Snickers© candy bar. For those who love all that Snickers© has to offer on top of a yummy cheesecake!

Peanut Butter Cup

White chocolate cheesecake topped with a layer of peanut butter and chopped Reese’s© Peanut Butter Cups. This flavor is for the serious peanut butter lovers among us!


White chocolate cheesecake topped with homemade strawberry freezer jam. You can’t go wrong with a choice of sweet strawberry jam on top of a cheesecake!


White chocolate cheesecake topped with homemade raspberry freezer jam. Who doesn’t love raspberries? This flavor is a wonderful blend of slightly tart raspberry combined with the sweet cheesecake base.

Tripe Berry

White chocolate cheesecake topped with a sweetened blend of raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries. Overtones of blueberry with the sweet notes of red & blackberries.

Mixed-In Flavors

Cookies & Cream

White chocolate cheesecake mixed with chocolate sandwich cookies baked into the batter and topped with more chopped cookies.


Calling all chocolate lovers with this decadent chocolate cheesecake! Semi-sweet chocolate mixed in the batter to give it a richness that will please your tastebuds!


Taking the chocolate cheesecake to a new level by adding sweetened raspberry puree to the base! Another decadent choice for those chocolate lovers!


White chocolate cheesecake with coffee extract mixed into the base to give a taste of caffe latte! A bit more extract is swirled on the top to give the feel of coffee art! If you enjoy coffee, you will love this twist on the white chocolate cheesecake!